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Interviewing & CV Design
We are highly skilled in developing a powerful CV and preparing people at all levels for that job interview they really want to get. We do this on a group or individual basis. Groups are no more than 10 participants and duration of the programme will depend upon the seniority of the level although there is an option to get some individual tuition if people would like to avail of it.

We have had great success in this area and once these skills are taught they there for life so it is a worthwhile investment.

Our philosophy is that you need a communications agenda that transcends the entire recruitment process, from initial application through interview to offer acceptance stage.

You need to be able to describe your skills and competencies concisely and clearly to get the job you really want. With our help you can make this happen. Don't waste time book today and let your future begin. HR Ireland will help.

We also provide psychometric and competency profiling if required.