Investigation of Bullying & Harassment Issues
  • HR Ireland and its professional associates have much experience in this often difficult area where assertiveness and tact are required to ensure an acceptable and real resolution to this. Discreet and thorough investigation,using tried and tested methods aligned to individual company policy deliver consistent and often then better than thought possible results for the client organisation and the individuals involved.

  • We carry out comprehensive and fair investigation where there are allegations of bullying or harassment in line with the client’s policy. We will design and deliver training in this regard if required.

  • We will investigate and report on and reported incidences of unfair treatment or discrimination of any sort and will provide a mediated solution.

  • We have provided successful solutions in union and non union environments and in small indigenous companies and multinationals. Our belief is that the essence of conflict resolution is the restoration of communication and the realignment of goals and company objectives ensuring the focus is on what the organisation needs.